York Alexander Technique Centre

United Kingdom

Head of Training: Pamela Mason ( Margaret Rakusen 1994)

Teacher Training Address
The Gatehouse, York Cemetery, Cemetery Road, York, YO10 5AJ
Contact Details

Telephone Pam Mason - 07875 250491

Email address - pam_mason@talk21.com



Previous individual lessons, interview with head of training; visit to school advised.

Three 12 week terms per year
Weekly Hours
Monday 12.00 to 16.00, Tuesday, Wednesday ,Thursday 09.00 to 13.00
Course Fees
£1400 per term
Year Founded
Current Trainees

The course follows STAT guidelines. About 80 per cent of the teaching time is devoted to practical work. Practical work is regarded as the main tool for absorbing the principles of the Alexander Technique:

    awareness of self, others and the world around,
    inhibition: stopping the going down of the same road and into the same ”holes” over and over again,
    directing: a way of newly aligning and tuning ourselves with freer and more flowing ways of responding to stimuli,
    faulty sensory appreciation: the realisation that what we think we do is not necessarily what we are doing,
    force of habit: the acknowledgement of how strongly we are pulled into the ways of thinking, feeling and acting that feel familiar.

Theory: we read the books of FM Alexander and related relevant literature, learn about anatomy in a hands on, practical way. The interests of application of the Technique of the students are included as much as possible. Currently work with eyes, drumming, singing and juggling figure amongst the areas of application.

Private study is expected of every student in the form of a training diary, presentations on AT related topics of their interest and a final year essay on the student's understanding of the Alexander Technique and their process through the course of three years.

Additional notes

We also offer the opportunity to attend the training course for a term (or longer) on a full or part time basis.

This could be for: CPD post graduate training for AT graduates and teachers pupils wishing to deepen their personal Alexander Technique practice anyone interested in future full time training, who wishes to experience it without initial commitment.

Regular attendance for a specified length of time can count towards full time training.