Uruguayan School of Alexander Technique


Head of training: Mariana Di Paula (Hoorweg 1997) Founder Director and collaborator: Carmen Tarnowski (Carrington 1977)

Teacher Training Address
Verdi 4586, 11400, Montevideo, Uruguay

Aproximatly 30 private lessons and an interview with the head of training.

Three 12 week terms per year
Weekly Hours
Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 12:00
Course Fees
US Dollars 1750 per term
Year Founded
Current Trainees

Students receive individual tuition each day.
Alexander's books are discussed in class and studied in both English and Spanish.
Within the study of the Alexander Technique, the School emphasises anatomy , physiology and movement.
Students are also engaged in their own personal projects, applying the Technique in the area of their own particular interest such as dance, music and physiotherapy.
There are regular exchange visits with the teachers from Buenos Aires.
There are also visits from senior and specialist teachers from Europe.


The Alexander Technique helped me release tension which I was previously unaware that I had, in particular when standing at the tee. In the past my mind would have been elsewhere and my thoughts made me more tense. Applying the Technique I discovered relaxing the jaw, feeling my socks in my shoes, sensing the ground beneath my feet and just being there really helped. My drive distance improved and I cut 5 shots in one game.

Annie Dillnutt, golfer
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