City Alexander Technique School

United Kingdom

Head of Training: Brita Forsstrom (Burton/Atkinson 1984) Assistant: Kamal Thapen (Carrington 2000)

Teacher Training Address
202 City Road,London, EC1V 2PH, UK
Contact Details

Telephone: 020 7490 8685 or 07739 796 514


Prospective students should have had a sufficient number of lessons to show that they have grasped the basic principles and have an interest in continued learning. They should be able to show that they are in good health and have financial plans in place to see them through the three years. There will be an interview and lesson(s) with the Head of Training. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. Preparatory classes are being held for those interested in training. Please contact us for details.

Intensive foundation course
We also offer the opportunity for anyone with interest in AT to attend this course for a term or part of a term on a full-time or part-time basis to gain intensive exposure and deepen their AT development.This can be very useful for anyone who is thinking of AT teacher training and would like to find out more before committing themselves to the full three-year course. Time attended on the intensive foundation basis will count towards the training if they decide to train with us.


Three 12 week terms per year
Weekly Hours
Four half days a week: Tuesday-Friday 09.00-13.00, plus weekly individual session. Practice teaching
Course Fees
£1825 per term. New trainees may enrol at the beginning of any term.

    Study of Alexander’s writing, relevant basic anatomy and physiology form an essential part of the training.
    Study of Alexander’s core principles such as Use, Inhibition, Direction, Primary Control, unreliable sensory appreciation, end-gaining, doing and non-doing.
    The time will be divided between hands-on teaching to individual trainees and small groups, theory through lectures and demonstrations and procedures to put theoretical understanding into practical experience, consistent with an increased progression over the three years of training:
        Year 1: Application and incorporation of core principles into own use. Guided teaching of own use in the classic Alexander procedures of chair work, ‘monkey’ position, lunge, and hands on the back of a chair.
        Year 2: Attending to own use whilst being instructed in hands-on work with other trainee through supervised pair and small group sessions.
        Year 3: Refinement of the delicate hands-on skills in teaching through continued supervised practice. Development of ability to convey understanding of core principles to the pupil, both manually and verbally, leading to the ability of the trainee to effect a change in the use of a pupil. Training on how to build up and run a practice, the importance of professionalism and ethics by being part of STAT and continued professional development and training. Trainees will have opportunities for teaching members of the public (individual and introductory groups), including assisting teaching at the City Lit adult education college.

There will be work with movement, voice, breathing, presentational skills, and applying the Technique to areas such as playing musical instruments, running, swimming, horse riding, dancing, singing and other activities. Where appropriate we will also make use of information learning technologies.

The three-year training will provide trainees with all the information, support, mentoring and practical experience necessary to be able to deliver high quality Alexander Technique teaching. The school will have regular and visiting teachers with an international outlook and experience in a wide range of professional and creative fields contributing to the depth and quality of the training.

All trainees will have individual lessons outside the course hours as part of the training. We will hold regular one-to-one tutorials for the trainees as well as whole school meetings to discuss the school set-up and concerns they have.

Additional notes

We are placed near the City of London, at 202 City Road, close to the vibrant area also known as ‘Silicon Roundabout’ at Old Street. We are well-connected by public transport, above a row of shops in a Victorian terrace, just north of Moorfields Eye Hospital. The school is on the third floor in our newly refurbished, light and airy rooms. Nearest station is Old St, and bus routes 21, 43, 141, 205, 214, 271 and 394 stop on City Rd and buses 55, 135 and 243 stop on Old Street.