Alexander Technique Teacher Training Centre


Head of Training: Michael Parkinson (Carrington 1979)

Teacher Training Address
Franzensgasse 5/47, 1050 Vienna, Austria
Contact Details

Telephone (mobile): + 43 (0)676 9414212 Enquiries: anytime
Email: [email protected]


A reasonable number of Alexander lessons and/or group courses, plus an interview and private lesson with head of training.

Weekly Hours
Monday to Thursday: 09.00 to 12.45
Course Fees
€4800 per year excluding STAT membership and moderation fee
Year Founded
Current Trainees

A typical morning's work includes: individual hands-on work with the director or assistant teachers, learning practical and verbal teaching skills under supervision in small groups, reading and discussion of Alexander's books or other relevant literature, basic anatomy, physiology and neurology, application of Alexander Technique principles to everyday or more specialised activities ("directed activities").
Students in their final term may work under supervision with friends from outside the class. Graduates are welcome to visit the class at any time after completion of the course and are encouraged to do so as part of their ongoing professional development.

Additional notes

We frequently receive, and much welcome, visits from teachers and trainees from other schools. The working languages in the class are German and English.


I was recommended the Alexander Technique for my problems with back pain. It took a few lessons before I noticed a subtle but very noticeable difference. Mainly in confidence; I no longer 'feared' my back going, as I had structures in place to deal with it. I've been doing it now for 17 years, seeing my teacher once a month. I am sure that, had I not found the Technique, I'd have gone down the road of further back operations, and would probably be in a wheelchair by now. Can't rate it too highly.

Carol Hedges - Author
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