Unwind, Free-Up and De-Stress

Onetime session

Introductory Alexander Technique Workshop for a small group of beginners.

Suitable for Adults and Teens 14+ accompanied by an adult 

Find out how Alexander lessons can help you learn to be more comfortable in your body, to calm yourself and manage stress, plus enhance the quality of your life. Begin to let go of old habits & explore new ways of being, so you move more freely & easily

  • Discussion and Demonstrations ~  Find out how learning the AT can help you  throughout your life
  • Hands-on work ~ So you can gain a sense of how AT teachers guide your movements and help you to let go of habits that don't serve you
  • Gentle Experiential Games ~ Designed to help you develop an awareness of your habits of body-use and offering you ways to change them
  • Constructive Rest Procedure ~ Use this every day to unwind and de-stress
  • Meet and learn from others who are interested in the Technique
  • AT books to browse and buy

Small Group - Please enrol in advance

Special Offer Reduced Rate Private Lesson: £30

This lesson allows you to have more individual attention and hands-on work, so you can see what AT lessons are really like. In order to get the most out of this lesson, it is best taken within 2 weeks of the workshop - bring your diary!

Gift Vouchers are Available 

"I first met Hilary when I attended a one day course on the Alexander Technique, at the Mary Ward Centre. Finding that the Technique suited me, I continued to visit Hilary on a regular basis. Practising the Technique has helped me in many ways: I am generally more relaxed, aware of bad habits and conscious of making improvements.  Perhaps the most impressive effect, has been that I can now manage my sciatica, once very severe, now hardly ever perceptible."  Monica

Course type
Adults and Teens 14+
£15 (Teens £10)
020 7254 9206
Start date
End date
10:00 am - 12:00pm

You will be asked to take your shoes off and to lie down on the floor for part of the session, so please wear comfortable clothing such as trousers. There are two flights of stairs up to my teaching studio.

You may wish to continue with private Alexander lessons, or join the Six Week Course starting 10 September at Clissold Park Tennis Pavilion.