Lying Down - It's Free and Easy

Onetime session

International Alexander Awareness Week 2017 EVENTS

IAAW EVENT 1: Workshop - NOW FULL - but see below for more events

Lie Down ~ Chill Out ~ De-Stress with SemiSupine Lying Down Procedure.

Much more than a relaxation technique, the lying down procedure is just part of what you can learn in Alexander Technique lessons and it is something you can immediately start using every day at home or at work. 

  • Calm Down and De-Stress 
  • Look After Your Back
  • Reduce Aches and Pains

IAAW EVENT 2: Free Table Turn learning SemiSupine 

The first 6 - now 4 - people to contact me will be able to have a FREE half hour session learning the SemiSupine Lying Down Procedure. Book now for a slot during International Alexander Awareness Week 9 - 15 October .

IAAW Event 3: Special Offer reduced rate 1:1 Follow-Up Lesson  £30

This 3/4 hour private lesson gives you a chance to see what Alexander lessons are really like. The follow-up lesson is to be taken during October. Don't forget your diary....

IAAW Event 4: Short Group Daytime Course ~ 30 October - 20 November

Mondays 1.30 - 3.00 pm £60  ~ Small Group so please enrol in advance

Individual lessons are regularly available and if you would like to find out more please contact me. 

"Lying down in semisupine during lunch at the office, means I have a clearer head when I re-start work and my back pain is less"  Events Organiser 

There are two flights of stairs up to the teaching room.

Lying down in SemiSupine in the woods


Course type
Beginners or people who would like to refresh their contact with AT
020 7254 9206
Start date
End date
10:30 am - 11.30 am

The Workshop is FULL but see other events during IAAW.