Introductory Alexander Technique Workshop

To find out more about the Alexander Technique and how it can help you.
Onetime session

Small group. Friendly and relaxed introduction to the Alexander technique. Comments from previous participants: ”very informative introduction to the subject”,  "practical excercises were very useful" and ”Michelle was very good at putting everyone at ease”.

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For beginners and those new to Alexander Technique
£40 to include an individual session at a later date.
07940 033 728
020 8690 0801
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I had suffered from lower back pain for around six years and regular chiropractic wasn't really helping me. It was only by chance that I saw an Alexander Technique course advertised and it turned out to be such a fantastic investment in myself. After my first lesson I had my first pain free week in six years!! Now that the course has finished, I have remained pain free.

David Kennedy - Train Guard
See the benefits of Alexander Technique