Introductory Alexander Technique Workshop

To find out more about the Alexander Technique and how it can help you.
Onetime session

Small group. Friendly and relaxed introduction to the Alexander technique. Comments from previous participants: ”very informative introduction to the subject”,  "practical excercises were very useful" and ”Michelle was very good at putting everyone at ease”.

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For beginners and those new to Alexander Technique
£40 to include an individual session at a later date.
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At about the age of 45, I began to experience severe pain in both of my knees. I was told I had damaged the cartilage, initially caused by the use of a kicking strap on a sailing dinghy, and made worse by many years of beagling, and to stop beagling or risk ending up in a wheelchair. A few years later a friend suggested the Alexander Technique. At first I was very sceptical, but had also reached the stage where I was ready to try virtually any means to solve the problem. A few weeks after my first lesson, I had gone out beagling, but only walking.

Chris Walsh

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