Introductory Alexander Technique Evening Class

Ongoing session

Course level: Beginners Level 1

Start Date : Wednesday 19th September 2018

Course times: 1900 – 2100

Course Duration: 5 weeks

Cost: £70

Is this course for me:

The Alexander Technique is a skill for self-development to change long-standing habits that cause unnecessary tension in everything you do. Everyone has heard of Mindfulness – well the Alexander Technique is about applying mindfulness to daily life.

The Technique can help you improve your health and well-being with conditions such as: stress, anxiety, RSI, back and joint pain caused by poor postural habits and the pressures of modern life.

This is a gentle introduction where you will be able to pick up skills that you can utilise straight away.

What is the course content:

Week 1 : An introduction to the Alexander Technique, who was FM Alexander, what did he discover. Introduction to the nature of habit & how this can affect the way we perform activities in everyday life. Learning to pause. Introduction to conscious awareness in sitting including sitting at a computer. Constructive rest: a quick and easy way to "reset" your posture.

Week 2: Review of sitting. Driving positions. Getting in & out of a chair. Anatomy – main joints used for bending.

Week 3: Bending & lifting using the correct joints & maintaining good posture. How the way we bend can reduce the pressure on our knees & our backs. Introduction to mechanism for breathing during Constructive Rest.

Week 4: Walking, how the foot works & expanding field of awareness. Learn how to maintain an upright posture & restore your natural balance & move with poise. Climbing stairs with ease.

Week 5: Introduction to how the arms & shoulders work in relation to the rest of our body. Applying this to sitting at a computer or doing other activities.

Each week we will review the progress from the previous week and find out how you are applying what you have learnt to your daily life. The last 20 minutes of each session will involve lying down in the Constructive Rest position which is a great way to reset your posture & distress.

How will the course run?

Part time of 5 weeks

Course type
Beginners no previous experience required. Any age.
Start date
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