Introductory Alexander Technique Day Course

Onetime session

Enjoy a relaxing day learning and experiencing the Alexander Technique in the lovely surroundings of the Cloisters at The Garden Rooms at Tennants Harmby Leyburn North Yorkshire DL8 5SG

To be held on Saturday 25th November 10 am to 4 pm

Do you have back pain, neck ache, or aches and pains whilst using a laptop, ipad or mobile?  Are you stressed or worried about your posture?

Then come along to this practical course helping you improve your posture, ease backache, de-stress as well as sitting and moving with less effort and tension.

This course will help you become aware of your habits which are interfering with the natural effortless way your body is made to move. We will look at the Principles of the Technique in a practical fun and experiential way. It will be related to everyday activities such as sitting, standing, bending and walking as well as specific activities people have problems doing.


Course type
Beginners and as a refresher for Alexander students
£65 including a buffet lunch
01748 824160
Start date
End date
10 am to 4 pm

Please bring a mat and a few paperback books and wear loose fitting clothing, preferably trousers or leggings.