Onetime session


Our bodies are shaped by our habits


A 2-hour Introductory Class

- Beginners and Refreshers -


Join a 2-hour class, learn how to re-shape your habits - and have some fun!


The AT is a great way to change unconscious tension and posture habits that may be at the root of stress, tension or pain.  Join a small group of like-minded people and learn to leave old habits behind and create new and more enjoyable ones to benefit your future.  Everyone will have individual work with Caroline as well as discussion and other activities within the small group (Max 8).


“What Caroline has taught me is that you have to unlearn your bad habits whilst re-learning the natural ‘good habits’ you were born with.”  D.S. Director


A reading list and follow up information are provided as well as a £5 gift voucher to put towards a 1-1 session.


CONTACT Caroline to book: 07850 979508

or visit


Course type
£30/£27 with a friend
07850 979508
Start date
End date
10.30am - 12.30pm

  Shamineh's Gallery is a hidden gem reached via the quaint alleyways of          Hampstead Village.  You can have coffee and cakes or lunch at the cafe  afterwards if you wish.  Close to Hampstead tube (Northern line) and buses 46,  268.

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I'm a 40 year old man who works as a support worker. I was suffering from sciatic pain for a few years. I had tried many methods to alleviate the pain, including various exercises, but these only brought short-term relief. One day when I was looking for some natural medicine to ease the pain, I came across the Alexander Technique. I initially booked a course, which relieved my sciatic pain, and I now have regular sessions. I recommend the Alexander Technique, especially to anyone who has suffered from sciatica or posture difficulties.

Pawel Kluzowski, Support Worker

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