At home in your body - Gestalt Therapy and Alexander Technique

Onetime session

In this workshop you will unlock your potential to ...

* be more at home in your body and to express yourself more freely through your body.
* become quiet / calm and at peace within yourself.
* dropping into a deeper awareness 
*learning of how the letting go of tension works and how the body aligns itself.
* be connected with yourself, including your body and the world in a peaceful way.

Susanne is going to support you to find more alignment, peace and clarity within your physical structure (Alexander Technique) and she will support you in finding your flow and freedom within your body through movement practices, inquiry, stillness and touch (based on Gestalt therapy).

Susanne Feld 
Alexandertechnik & Gestalttherapie |
Studio | I 0177 6711177

All abilities and levels of experience.
Absolute beginners are welcome!
Please wear comfortable clothes.
Max 12 people.
Cost £50
Info and bookings:
Rossella Buono
07717 553022

Course type
All abilities and levels of experience. Absolute beginners are welcome!
Cost £50
Start date
End date
Sunday 17 September from 10am–1pm

The teacher is in the Uk Just for a week and she'll be available for private lessons in the afternoon.

Susanne helps you to reconnect and ground yourself in your body, and therefore in your life. She supports you in your process of centring, establishing a sense of freedom throughout your whole being, and naturally augmenting your sense of presence and aliveness.

Through conscious touch and verbal guidance and exploration, Susanne's practice transforms tension and stiffness into aliveness and softness as the body remembers its natural, free and grounded state.

Susanne's work rich and multidimensional. Formed through twenty years of study and ten years of teaching the Alexander Technique, her practice also draws on her training as a Gestalt therapist and a background as a sound artist / professional musician.

She co-leads the Zentrum für Alexander-Technik in Berlin Mitte, alongside a practice of one on one sessions and workshops. She also leads Retreats for Women in beautiful places in nature, with her dear friend and colleague Leonie von Arnim.