Alexander Technique - 3 week Introductory Course

Ongoing session

The Alexander Technique has the potential to change your life!

This 3 week course will introduce you to the skills that can help you:

* find a lightness and ease of movement

* relieve pain and tension

* improve posture

* feel calmer and more balanced

* enhance performance in acting, music or sport

At the end of the course, there will be a further follow on course

Course type
Those curious about the Alexander Technique, and wanting to explore its benefits.
£45 for 3 weeks
Start date
End date
Three consecutive Thursdays: January 25th, February 1st and 8th from18.30-19.45 -

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It is a challenge to try to summarize the experience [of the Alexander Technique], as I find it (and it finds me) being the constant change, not there to be grasped. The most measureable is the sharpening of all the senses. My violinist ears react to the most subtle nuances in the sound and the experience is that of all the senses 'working' on the sound (and the means that are producing it), when I play. This has made possible the greater awareness in the moment present.

Agnieszka Opiola, Independent Violinist, Glasgow

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