Alexander Technique - 3 week Introductory Course

Ongoing session

The Alexander Technique has the potential to change your life!

This 3 week course will introduce you to the skills that can help you:

* find a lightness and ease of movement

* relieve pain and tension

* improve posture

* feel calmer and more balanced

* enhance performance in acting, music or sport

At the end of the course, there will be a further follow on course

Course type
Those curious about the Alexander Technique, and wanting to explore its benefits.
£45 for 3 weeks
Start date
End date
Three consecutive Thursdays: January 25th, February 1st and 8th from18.30-19.45 -

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During a recent traumatic period I was able to maintain physical wellness, and through that, mental wellness at a time when I could have gone downhill rapidly. The Alexander Technique gives you the control and 'power' to deal with anything physical that life throws at you.

Carol Hedges - Author
See the benefits of Alexander Technique