Private lessons with Ms Loretta Manson (Bloomsbury Alexander Centre, Bristol House, 80a Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4BB, UK)

Conveniently located in central London, close to Holborn and Russell Square stations and five minutes' walk from the British Museum.

Weekdays, including lunch times, Thursday and Friday evenings, occasional Saturdays.
+44 (0)7949 190595

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I was looking for some way to help manage my lower back problems without relying on pain relief medication. I have found my one-to-one AT sessions extremely helpful and have learnt to identify and avoid postures and actions that contribute to back pain. I now know how to relax and properly rest my back and neck. In my experience, AT is a whole body technique which can help one to be more self-aware and to understand how to move with less tension and consequently, with less effort. Hurray for AT!

Patricia Brooks

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