Centre for the Alexander Technique

United Kingdom

Co-Heads of Training: Eleanor Ribeaux (Patrick Macdonald 1968) and Peter Ribeaux (Patrick Macdonald 1965)

Teacher Training Address
46 Stevenage Road, London SW6 6HA
Contact Details

Telephone: 020 7731 6348 Enquiries: 12.45 to 20.00
Email: peter@ribeaux.com


Sound basis of Alexander lessons, a course of lessons with the Head of Training.

Three terms per year
Weekly Hours
Monday to Friday: 09.00 to 12.30
Course Fees
£4500 per year
Year Founded
Current Trainees

The practical curriculum (over 80% of the course) involves a continuing, cumulative programme covering three basic themes, each of which is developed progressively throughout the course:

1 The improvement of the student's own self-awareness and use
2 The study of specific procedures devised by Alexander and others
3 The application of the student's improved use of the self in relation to teaching others

All of these involve the understanding of at least the following of Alexander's basic concepts:
Recognition of wrong habits of use
Unreliable sensory appreciation
The processes of inhibition and direction
The primary control

The precise work carried out by each student is determined by their own particular personal development. However, there is always a general progression along the following lines:

Year 1: consists largely of personal experiential work on self-awareness and improving the student's own use of themselves on a daily basis. In addition there is a study/discussion of FM Alexander's books and other authors, as well as anatomy, physiology and related topics.
Year 2: continues the curriculum of the first year together with, in addition, work with other students and visitors with guidance from teachers and senior students.
Year 3 continues the curriculum of previous years, as well as the possibility of giving lessons to selected pupils under supervision.


At about the age of 45, I began to experience severe pain in both of my knees. I was told I had damaged the cartilage, initially caused by the use of a kicking strap on a sailing dinghy, and made worse by many years of beagling, and to stop beagling or risk ending up in a wheelchair. A few years later a friend suggested the Alexander Technique. At first I was very sceptical, but had also reached the stage where I was ready to try virtually any means to solve the problem. A few weeks after my first lesson, I had gone out beagling, but only walking.

Chris Walsh

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