Alexander Technique Teacher Training Class of AMAC Corporation Japan


Head of training: Hitomi Ono (Nott 1993) Named Assistant: Yoshi Inada (Ribeaux 2000) Visiting Teachers: Eriko Matsumoto, Hatsuko Kayahara, Michiyo Yagi (MSTAT),Takako Matsuda (MNeVLAT), Yumi Takahashi (MNeVLAT) STAT Visiting Teachers: Peter Ribeaux, Dorothea Magonet Moderator: Anne Battye

Teacher Training Address
2-12, Kawanishi-cho, 659-0072 Ashiya, Japan
Contact Details

Telephone: +81-797-34-3451


Japanese speaking people, over 25 years old, self-supporting, over 36 sessions (or over 3 years). Experience of the Alexander Technique through private lessons, visiting the training class and having at least three lessons with the Head of Training and the Assistant. Following the lessons and an interview, the decision to offer a place on the training course rests with the Head of training.

Three terms, 35 weeks per year, for 3 years
Weekly Hours
Wednesday to Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00
Course Fees
100,00,00 Yen per year
Year Founded

The course is for Japanese speaking people and the working language is Japanese. Every day begins with work on the self, and turns with teachers for each student. Each day has a different theme, these will include: reading FM Alexander's books or related relevant literature in Japanese and English, study of anatomy, physiology and neurology, using procedures in activity. Students will have a minimum of six private lessons with the Head of Training and the Assistant per year. Each student will give the presentation to the class of their study of the Alexander Technique at the end of the academic year.


At about the age of 45, I began to experience severe pain in both of my knees. I was told I had damaged the cartilage, initially caused by the use of a kicking strap on a sailing dinghy, and made worse by many years of beagling, and to stop beagling or risk ending up in a wheelchair. A few years later a friend suggested the Alexander Technique. At first I was very sceptical, but had also reached the stage where I was ready to try virtually any means to solve the problem. A few weeks after my first lesson, I had gone out beagling, but only walking.

Chris Walsh

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