Membership Fees

2019 Annual Membership Fees

The annual fee for each category is:

  • UK teacher: £309
  • World teacher: £192
  • World teacher affiliated: £83
  • Non-Teaching Member (previously Retired)*: £62
  • Supporters: £43
  • Students: £58

For a list of your teacher membership benefits, click here.

* This category is not for members who are still teaching. In this case a full teaching membership is required.


New STAT Subscriptions Renewal Process

The process for the renewal of your STAT subscription has changed. Please read carefully.

Every year the STAT Office allocates a significant amount of time on credit control, involving membership renewals and chasing late payments. If we spend less time on this task we can make a difference in other ways, such as contributing to other projects promoting the AT and helping you all. To make this happen, Council has agreed this new policy that will be implemented from the upcoming membership year 2018 onwards.

The new system:

  1. We will send you your renewal invoice for the new year by mid-November of the running financial year (e.g. this year you will receive the invoice for calendar year 2018 in November 2017)
  2. The deadline to pay your dues remains unchanged as the last day of February. We would expect you to at least pay your dues in part.
  3. A reminder of the deadline will be included in the January issue of STATnews
  4. A further reminder will be sent by email two weeks prior to the February deadline

The system is flexible enough so if, for example, you are away on holiday when the first or second reminders have been sent out, you will receive the subsequent reminders in time for the deadline.

Following the deadline

If fees have not been settled prior to the February deadline, we will never terminate your membership automatically. We will instead take the following steps:

> An email will be sent out in the first two weeks of March (those not on email will be contacted by post) notifying you that the deadline has now passed and unless you take action immediately, we may have to lapse your membership.

> Should we not receive any reply from you within two weeks of the date of the email (or letter) above, a final email (or letter to those not on email) will be sent to you notifying you that your membership has now been lapsed.

Please note the STAT Office will always opt for the use of email communication where possible. Please check that we have your current email address. Please also include the STAT email addresses in your email lists to ensure that you receive our communications in your inbox. If you want us to send you a list of all STAT email addresses please contact the Office Team.


  1. In the event that you wish to terminate your membership and you notify us on or after the 1st of March, after the February deadline, you will be requested to cover the cost of your membership up until the date you notified us.
  2. It is vital that membership fees are paid within the due period to keep administration costs to a minimum and membership fees at a reasonable level. It is also important that our small Office Team can use their time in the most effective way possible.

Part payments

If you have partly covered your membership fee by the end of February we will expect to receive further payments as follows:

· If you are paying in quarters, we will need to receive your subsequent payments by the end of April, July, and October.

· If you have paid half of your subs, we will need to receive the rest of your fee by the end of June.

Should you wish to discuss and agree with us an instalment scheme please contact the Office. In any event, we will need to receive your full subscription no later than the end of October.

Late payments

  1. If we receive payment following the email/letter informing you that your membership has been lapsed, an additional administrative fee of £10 (world members) and £20 (UK members) will apply to process your membership renewal.
  2. If the fees are not fully paid (for those paying in parts) by the end of October, a late payment administrative fee of £5 (world) and £10 (UK) will apply.


Direct Debits

If you are paying by direct debit you don't need to take any action. The dates the payment will be requested from your bank will remain the same.

If you are not paying by direct debit but wish to set one up with us, please contact the Office Team.

Policy for other payments

We always allow a period of 30 days for payment of an invoice, other than your subscription fee. Statements will be sent detailing any outstanding amounts. In the event that we receive no payment after the 30-day period, a 5% surcharge on the invoice value may be applied for late payment. This will be added for each month that non-payment continues.


Previous years' fees


  • UK teacher: £298
  • World teacher: £185
  • World teacher affiliated: £80
  • Retired Teaching Member: £60
  • Supporters: £41
  • Students: £56


  • UK teacher: £290
  • World teacher: £180
  • World teacher affiliated: £78
  • Friends: £40
  • Students: £162 (3 years)


  • UK teacher: £277
  • World teacher: £177
  • World teacher affiliated: £76
  • Friends: £40
  • Students: £156 (3 years)