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Effects of Alexander Technique training experience on gait behaviour in older adults

Journal of Body & Movement Therapies 2015;19:473–481  O'Neil M,  Anderson D, Allen D, Ross C, Hamel K     BRIEF SUMMARY Balance in movement (dynamic...


The Development of the Alexander Technique and Evidence for its Effects

British Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, November 1997, Vol 2, No 11, p. 621-626 by Stevens CH   The Alexander Technique has become increasingly...


The Evidence for the effectiveness of lessons in the Alexander Technique in medical and health-related conditions: a systematic review

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An exploration of the application of the Alexander Technique for people with learning disabilities

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Movement Coordination

Some studies have compared movement coordination in people who have received extensive training in the Alexander Technique (Alexander teachers) with that of...


Prolonged weight-shift and altered spinal coordination during sit-to-stand in practitioners of the Alexander Technique

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Balance in Older People

Four studies have been published on the effect of Alexander Technique teaching on balance in older people. Two of these studies used group teaching rather than...


Functional reach improvement in normal older women after Alexander Technique instruction

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 1999 Jan;54(1):M8-11.  Dennis RJ. Alexander Technique of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.   BRIEF...


The advice and coaching from my Alexander teacher during training for a London to Paris bike ride transformed my experience immeasurably and I am pleased to say that I was really able to enjoy the event without suffering as many of my co-participants did. I would urge anyone who is considering any physical challenge and is interested in, or, practising AT to seek some specific AT tips and advice.

Sally Buckle
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