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STAT welcomes Alexander Technique teachers who have qualified on STAT approved training courses or non-STAT courses to apply to join STAT, this will entitle to...


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Alexander Technique: what it is and how it can help athletes


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Hypermobility and the Alexander Technique


Alexander Technique in the Theatre

Podcast by the National Theatre. Director Ian Rickson, actor Michelle Terry and Alexander Technique teacher Sue Laurie talk about the benefits of Alexander...


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Come and visit the Alexander Technique stand at The Back Pain Show! Friday 19th – Saturday 20th May, 10am-4pm St Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham Stand number: L11...


Lessons in self-care method may help osteoarthritis sufferers


Older adult Alexander Technique practitioners walk differently to healthy age-matched controls

Journal of Body & Movement Therapies (2016). In Press Hamel, KA, Ross C, Schultz B, O'Neill M, Anderson DI.   BRIEF SUMMARY This is the second paper to...


The Alexander Technique helped me release tension which I was previously unaware that I had, in particular when standing at the tee. In the past my mind would have been elsewhere and my thoughts made me more tense. Applying the Technique I discovered relaxing the jaw, feeling my socks in my shoes, sensing the ground beneath my feet and just being there really helped. My drive distance improved and I cut 5 shots in one game. I now play much more relaxed by applying these principles and am more aware of the moment and less focused on the outcome (what Alexander Technique teachers call end-gaining) and my drive distances have improved through being more relaxed and having greater freedom of movement.

Annie Dillnutt, golfer
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