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New hope for people who suffer from neck pain

Three authors of the published ATLAS study describe the study findings and the way the Alexander lessons or acupuncture may be able to help people with chronic...


Alternative treatments show promise for neck pain


Sameena's story – using the Alexander technique for neck pain


Neck pain sufferers see benefit from Alexander Technique Lessons

Alexander Technique lessons benefits patients with chronic neck pain: To access the published study click here. Press Release A pain in the neck? A new study...


Alexander Technique lessons or acupuncture sessions for persons with chronic neck pain: A randomized trial

Annals of Internal Medicine 2015;163:653-62 MacPherson H, Tilbrook H, Richmond S, Woodman J, Ballard K, Atkin K, Bland M, Eldred J, Essex H, Hewitt C, Hopton A...


Taking charge, choosing a new direction: A service evaluation of Alexander Technique lessons for pain clinic patients (SEAT)

Project Report. UWE Bristol, Bristol. 2012 McClean, S. and Wye, L. Chronic pain sufferers may benefit from learning the Alexander Technique in NHS outpatient...


Alexander the great (Osteoporosis & the Alexander Technique)

The article has been reproduded with the kind permission of: © 2014 National Osteoporosis Society. For more information visit


Alexander Technique and Hypermobility

Hypermobility – double-jointedness – is a connective tissue condition (usually inherited) in which the body’s collagen is more elastic than the ‘norm’, leading...


Efficacy of the Alexander Technique in treating chronic non-specific neck pain: A randomized controlled trial

Clin Rehabil. 2015 Mar 31. pii: 0269215515578699. [Epub ahead of print] Lauche R, Schuth M, Schwickert M, et al.   BRIEF SUMMARY AND COMMENTARY A small, short-...


Neck Pain

To date, two studies have been conducted to evaluate the effects of Alexander lessons for people with chronic neck pain: The large randomised controlled trial...


I started the Alexander Technique due to slight scoliosis and a stretched nerve in my left lower back and I thought it would improve my posture which could only help my injury! I've got far more out of the technique than just improved posture! The first thing that I've learned is how to work with my Alexander Technique teacher and my body to control the pain! When the horrible muscle spasms start, I can now use breathing to help instead of lying on the floor helpless. Instead of focusing on what I can't do or do incorrectly, my teacher has helped me to understand what I do right and to do things that I didn't think that I could do. I found out that I have model hips rather than a twisted spine and that I can sit on an exercise ball without falling over! In short, the technique has made a huge difference to my life. I would recommend it to everyone and strongly believe that it should be on the NHS!

Lyndsey Hayes - Social Sciences teacher
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