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Reflective practice as a useful tool that can help with continuous learning and discovery of the application of the Alexander Technique, especially in relation to teaching. By consciously recording and then reflecting upon these notes, one is able to learn more about oneself and further understand habits; can also discover gaps in their knowledge as well as see what they have accomplished well. This forum is be a place where members could discuss ideas, share new discoveries or ask for information or help in relation to something that has been highlighted in their reflective practice. It is also to be used by members to share something with fellow teachers that they have discovered about the Technique and that they would like to share with others. It could be an activity & how they have applied the Technique to it, a book they have read, an interesting journal article not necessarily directed at the Alexander Technique but which provides a wider breadth of knowledge eg neuroscience, or movement. Working with a particular medical condition and activities/ directions that help.

In lessons I discovered very quickly the benefits to my persistent back pain following a nasty whiplash. I had heard that the Alexander technique can improve discomfort and pain greatly by retraining one's posture, but from the first lesson I discovered that there was also a lot of mental training that has been of huge benefit in the way I have viewed life since.

Graham Smith
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