The Brighton School for Alexander Technique

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United Kingdom
East Sussex

Co-heads of Training:
Chris Element (Patrick Macdonald 1989)
Suzie Sanderson (Patrick Macdonald 1989)

Teacher Training Address: 
7 College Place, Brighton BN2 1HN
Contact Details: 

Telephone: 01273 605 226 Enquiries: anytime
Mobile: 077 388 210 56


Previous lessons, interview and some lessons with Head of Training.
We welcome applications from students of all ages.
We provide a classical training, whilst fully acknowledging, and working with the demands of modern life.

Three terms per year
Weekly Hours: 
9.00 to 13.00 Tuesday to Friday
Course Fees: 
£4500 per year
Year Founded: 
Current Trainees: 

Lots of individual attention and work in small groups in a supportive and friendly atmosphere is designed to lead students to becoming confident practitioners and teachers. There is a regular daily timetable that includes two one-to-one mini- lessons with a senior teacher. Our course follows STAT guidelines so 80% is practical. The theoretical component of the course will be interwoven with the daily practical work.

The course includes specific modules in the following areas:

    FM Alexander's writings and other relevant texts
    Functional anatomy
    Video to teach observational skills
    How to set up a teaching practice and how to present Alexander to the public
    How to teach actors and musicians
    Voicework for singers and other professions
    How to run introductory groups for business and other clients

Hands-on sensitivity and skills are developed throughout the course through games, small groups, and one-to-one teaching.

Students have the opportunity to work with different teachers and visitors to the class.
In the third year students will do supervised work with members of the public.

We aim to teach students inner stillness both for their own benefit and as the foundation for a lifetime of teaching.

We are sympathetic to the needs of family and work and reflect this in our in-house philosophy, course structure and timetable.

Additional notes: 

Career development loans available.
Registered PCDL learning provider.
The Brighton School is three hundred meters from Brighton Beach, ten minutes walk from the centre of Brighton with good bus services and 55 minutes to London by train.


I started the Alexander Technique due to slight scoliosis and a stretched nerve in my left lower back and I thought it would improve my posture which could only help my injury! I've got far more out of the technique than just improved posture! The first thing that I've learned is how to work with my Alexander Technique teacher and my body to control the pain! When the horrible muscle spasms start, I can now use breathing to help instead of lying on the floor helpless. Instead of focusing on what I can't do or do incorrectly, my teacher has helped me to understand what I do right and to do things that I didn't think that I could do. I found out that I have model hips rather than a twisted spine and that I can sit on an exercise ball without falling over! In short, the technique has made a huge difference to my life. I would recommend it to everyone and strongly believe that it should be on the NHS!

Lyndsey Hayes - Social Sciences teacher
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