Alexander Technique Studio Tokyo Teachers training course

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Head of training: Fumie Hosoi (Magidov 2001)
Assistants: Kazuko Tanahashi, Yumi Otsuka

Teacher Training Address: 
1-16-2 Minami Meguro-ku Tokyo Japan 152-0013
Contact Details: 

Telephone: +81 (0) 3- 3718 -6813


Previous Alexander Technique experience, reasonable number of individual lessons (approximately 30 lessons), some lessons with the director and assistants and visit to the school advisable. After completing and submitting the application form, there will be an interview with the Head of Training. The course is run in Japanese.

three terms per year
Weekly Hours: 
Tuesday to Friday 9:00 - 13:00
Course Fees: 
320,000 yen (excluding VAT) per term
Year Founded: 
Current Trainees: 

The course is run following the STAT guidelines. About 80 per cent of the teaching time is devoted to practical work, a process designed for acquiring a deeper understanding of the basic principles of the Alexander Technique.

Students are encouraged to refine their daily awareness and develop a way to convey their specialised skill into the teaching.

The policy of the course is to stay open minded for the students to develop their ability. They are gradually guided to develop hands-on work and other teaching skills in a lively laboratory.

Theoretical work includes daily reading from classics of Alexander literature. Japanese translated materials are used if available. Other studies include anatomy and body mapping for a deep understanding the physical structure of the human body, and various movement and activities using Alexander Technique. Throughout the training course, several written papers and projects are required. In the final year students start creating model lessons and begin working with real pupils under the supervision of the instructors. Please contact us for more information. Application materials in Japanese will be sent out on request.


The advice and coaching from my Alexander teacher during training for a London to Paris bike ride transformed my experience immeasurably and I am pleased to say that I was really able to enjoy the event without suffering as many of my co-participants did. I would urge anyone who is considering any physical challenge and is interested in, or, practising AT to seek some specific AT tips and advice.

Sally Buckle
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