A Saturday afternoon workshop in London

Onetime session

The next workshop will be this July, date tba.

A Saturday afternoon exclusive workshop for beginners and novices, from 2.45 - 5.30.  It will reflect the format of my residential retreats in the French Alps - with games (some partnered), experiments and teaching of the basic principles. You will learn how to stop harming yourself and leave feeling different.

There will be a maximum of 6 participants enabling individual work for everyone. The event will take place on the 2nd floor.

All enquiries very welcome.


Course type
For anyone with an interest in the Alexander Technique, or some familiarity.with it.
44 1306 882336
End date
3 - 5.30

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I have been taking lessons for a few years now. Right from the first lesson my chronic back pain improved and I was moving more smoothly. After a lesson I always feel lighter, more positive and more confident. The Alexander Technique has helped me to realise that I have a choice about how I use my body. This awareness has spread to other areas of my life and I now feel more in control of myself and my life.

Susan White

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