Poor posture causing problems?

Ongoing session

4 week Course – Starts Monday 11th September

  The WOW Clinic, Westbourne, Nr Emsworth PO10 8UL

4 week course each session 1 hour in duration.

Re-educate your body back in to Good Posture …


Find a good support base to stand tall and sit well

Be more co-ordinated in activities such as bending and lifting

Get a lighter, easier stride making walking less effort

Improve your body image and reduce pain issues


If you would like more information then click here – www.greatposture.co.uk


 call: 07775 618 822  or email: [email protected]

Course type
Anyone wishing to Improve their body image, reduce pain issues and be more balanced for lighter easier walking
£90 for 4 week course
07775 618 822
01243 372 272
Start date
End date
Monday evening 7 - 8pm

**Early Bird Special Offer** £80 if booked and paid for by Monday 4th September

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I received my first Alexander lesson about 13 years ago when I hurt my back. After that first lesson I felt 95% better. I felt WHOLE. And I continue to receive lessons twice a month.

Carol Meade, Wallingford CT USA

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