Poor posture causing problems?

Ongoing session

4 week Course – Starts Monday 11th September

  The WOW Clinic, Westbourne, Nr Emsworth PO10 8UL

4 week course each session 1 hour in duration.

Re-educate your body back in to Good Posture …


Find a good support base to stand tall and sit well

Be more co-ordinated in activities such as bending and lifting

Get a lighter, easier stride making walking less effort

Improve your body image and reduce pain issues


If you would like more information then click here – www.greatposture.co.uk


 call: 07775 618 822  or email: jane@greatposture.co.uk

Course type
Anyone wishing to Improve their body image, reduce pain issues and be more balanced for lighter easier walking
£90 for 4 week course
07775 618 822
01243 372 272
Start date
End date
Monday evening 7 - 8pm

**Early Bird Special Offer** £80 if booked and paid for by Monday 4th September

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The advice and coaching from my Alexander teacher during training for a London to Paris bike ride transformed my experience immeasurably and I am pleased to say that I was really able to enjoy the event without suffering as many of my co-participants did. I would urge anyone who is considering any physical challenge and is interested in, or, practising AT to seek some specific AT tips and advice.

Sally Buckle

See the benefits of Alexander Technique