Managing pain with the Alexander Technique

Onetime session

Learn how the Alexander Technique can help you manage persistent pain and do the things you want to do.

In a calm, relaxed & friendly atmosphere you will explore:

  • Some Alexander 
Technique key skills 

  • Ways to be and 
move with pain 

  • How to enhance your confidence to manage pain.


Course type
Anyone interested in learning about the Alexander Technique - no experience necessary
01759 307 282
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End date
1.30 - 4.00 pm

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The Alexander Technique helped me release tension which I was previously unaware that I had, in particular when standing at the tee. In the past my mind would have been elsewhere and my thoughts made me more tense. Applying the Technique I discovered relaxing the jaw, feeling my socks in my shoes, sensing the ground beneath my feet and just being there really helped. My drive distance improved and I cut 5 shots in one game.

Annie Dillnutt, golfer
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