Light Footsteps in the Sand

Onetime session

 A fun morning experimenting with Alexander Technique on the sands at Dawlish Warren.

Rediscover more freedom in your joints and learn how to:

Walk with ease

Leave a light footprint

Use less effort in soft sand

Bend to pick up shells

Step over groynes with ease

Throw pebbles

Cope with stony and uneven ground.

Course type
Beginners and those with more experience
01803 813894
Start date
End date
When - 2pm

11.00am Start with a coffee and chat in The Boathouse  ( coffee/tea included)

11.30am on the beach!

1.00pm Return to the Boathouse to discuss the morning's activity over lunch ( not included); light snacks including homemade soup, and more substantial meals, will be available

NB The walk will take place whatever the weather, so dress appropriately!  If it is raining we will learn how to walk with less unnecessary tension