Introductory Alexander Workshop

Onetime session

Jane Osgood and Annalisa Faenza are running a one day introductory Alexander workshop for the WEA on Saturday 14th October.

It is from 10 until 4 and is at the Quaker meeting house in Disley, Cheshire. The cost is £25 per person.

Details and booking are via Rosemary Broadhurst on 01625 877 255.


Course type
All welcome
01625 877 255
Start date
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10am - 4pm

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The Alexander Technique has improved my posture so I’m more upright and seeing the top of buildings I’d never noticed for 20 years. It’s also helped with lower back pain and tightness in my upper back and neck. During the 6 months I’ve been learning the Technique I’ve had virtually no football injuries, and friends say I look younger. This has made a radical difference.

Chris Witts, Football Coach
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