Introduction to The Alexander Technique

Ongoing session

This is a 3 session course, for beginners to The Alexander Technique. You will be introduced to the principles of the Alexander Technique. Each participant will also have a 15 minute 1:1 lesson.

Prior to the course I will either phone you or meet up with you to discuss what you would like to get out of the course and tailor the course to your needs.

Course type
Anyone interested in learning the key principles of The Alexander Technique
01759 307282
Start date
End date
3 consecutive Wednesday evenings, 7-8pm

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I was recommended the Alexander Technique for my problems with back pain. It took a few lessons before I noticed a subtle but very noticeable difference. Mainly in confidence; I no longer 'feared' my back going, as I had structures in place to deal with it. I've been doing it now for 17 years, seeing my teacher once a month. I am sure that, had I not found the Technique, I'd have gone down the road of further back operations, and would probably be in a wheelchair by now. Can't rate it too highly.

Carol Hedges - Author
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