Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Onetime session

Would you be like to feel confident, present, grounded and more connected and alive in any activity you do? 

Would you like to have more visibility, charisma and poise so you can be more effective and productive in your personal and professional life?  

Join us for an evening to discover how the Alexander Technique could make a lasting and profound difference to your life. 

Do you have poor posture or back pain? Are you seeking a permanent solution?

Have you tried lots of other treatments, therapies and exercises for poor posture and back pain that haven’t lasted or worked? Do you want to learn effective tools to prevent harmful habits that maybe the cause of your back or neck pain and poor posture?

Are you looking for an intelligent solution for poor posture or musculoskeletal issues?

In this talk and interactive workshop will you will discover the secret tools actors; performers, singers and musicians use to be more effective, present, productive, charismatic and confident in their respective professions.

A participant who attended a recent talk:

“Thank you for the amazing demo. I managed to sleep 2 nights after... and I am very conscious of posture, no more bending but squatting comes naturally without thinking.

My body was very quick to reset itself but more importantly -
verbalising some of my issues did help. I would like to take advantage of your introduction special offer, but we also need to chat about how I can do the full course. Thank you again.” Corinne.

Testimonials: Click link below to read some of the amazing results my clients have benefited from.

The Evening will include:

* Light refreshments.

* An introduction and interactive demonstration of the Alexander principles.

* An opportunity for some group participation, making the evening relevant and

* A short video presentation, some other materials and hand-outs to take home.

* A live demonstration of a very effective tool for reducing back pain, stress and

* Questions and answers.

* Exclusive discounts on courses I teach.

* An certificate of continuing professional development that will account for 2 hours of training.

About Nicholas:

I have over 23 years experience teaching the Alexander Technique.

My core values are kindness, non-judgment, being inspirational, playful and learning.


Nick is a very inspiring and intuitive teacher who knows a student better in one session than a close friend in years… I thought I came because of neck and shoulder problems, but after a few sessions all the pain in my neck and shoulders was gone and I realised that the problem was somewhere else, more psychological. Having a session with Nick is like standing in front of a mirror, there is no escape: all of a sudden the challenges emerge: the postponing, the laziness… but one feels so energised and relaxed that those lifelong challenges suddenly appear easy to change. The body is not stuck anymore, the back supports one much better and the legs are finally free. It’s like flying into a different world of possibilities. It’s real change, feels like drinking champagne and it lasts longer…       A. B, musician based in London

Visit my website to see client testimonials, and more about my practise and location.


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All welcome maybe not suitable for disabled
07540 442 769
020 7792 1347
Start date
End date
Wednesday 15th May 6.30pm 8.20pm

If you would like to contact me with any question you may have. I will be happy for you to call or email.   

Nicholas Brandon  Mobile: 07540 442769  Studio: 020 7792 1347