How well do you move? A 6 Week Alexander technique Course to learn to be poised and move effortlessly.

Onetime session

The way you move affects your body and how well it functions. It can cause back, neck and joint pain, muscle tension and stiffness as well as breathing problems and anxiety.

Come along to this course and become aware of your habits which are interfering with the natural easy way you moved as a child. Learn to be poised and move in an effortless way.

We will explore the Alexander Technique in a fun practical experiential way looking at the Principles of the Technique as well as Living Anatomy. 

Course type
Beginners and as a refresher for students of the Alexander Technique
Start date
End date
2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

Please bring a mat and a few paperback books and wear loose clothing  preferably trousers.

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I had suffered from lower back pain for around six years and regular chiropractic wasn't really helping me. It was only by chance that I saw an Alexander Technique course advertised and it turned out to be such a fantastic investment in myself. After my first lesson I had my first pain free week in six years!! Now that the course has finished, I have remained pain free.

David Kennedy - Train Guard
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