Free workshop for prospective Alexander trainee teachers

Onetime session

Have you ever thought about taking your Alexander Technique experience further and become a teacher of the Technique? If you are interested in finding out more about training to teach Alexander Technique or to take a foundation course of a term or part of a term you are welcome to join us for a free workshop at our training course.

You will get AT hands-on work and there will also be practical demonstrations to give everyone a taste of other procedures that form part of the training. The format of the workshop will include talking about the training course, time for questions, meet the teachers, current students and getting to know each one another over tea/coffee.

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Please let Brita know if you intend to come along at or 07739 796514

Course type
Anyone interested in finding about Alexander teacher training or a foundation course of a term or part of a term
020 7833 4854
07739 796514
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If you require further information or you cannot make this date please call or email to arrange to visit the school during the week.