Foundation course in the principles of the Alexander Technique

Onetime session

In this four week Alexander Technique course you will learn about;

  • - natural breathing
  • - methods for releasing tensions in the back, neck and shoulders
  • - ways to deal with stress
  • - how to cultivate mindfulness in activity and to find a sense of wellbeing.

The Alexander Technique can enhance personal performance across the whole spectrum of human activity from sports or artistic performance to managing pain, illness, disability or injury.

Course type
Anyone new to the Alexander Technique
020 8940 0888
Start date
End date
Weekly class from 1 to 2:30pm on Wednesdays.

Suitable for adults of any age. Comfortable clothes (trousers for women) should be worn.

Venue address, website and telephone numbers

Earthlife, 2, Kew Bridge Arches, Richmond, TW9 3AW, GB

2, Kew Bridge Arches
United Kingdom

0208 940 0888

Off Kew Green behind ‘ASK’ restaurant: 2nd arch from the river/towpath. By car park round Kew Green (Free Parking): limited parking by the Centre.  From ASK, walk down either side of the restaurant towards the river and you'll find us behind the stairs coming down the side of the bridge.

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I started the Alexander Technique due to slight scoliosis and a stretched nerve in my left lower back and I thought it would improve my posture which could only help my injury! I've got far more out of the technique than just improved posture! The first thing that I've learned is how to work with my Alexander Technique teacher and my body to control the pain! When the horrible muscle spasms start, I can now use breathing to help instead of lying on the floor helpless.

Lyndsey Hayes - Social Sciences teacher

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