Finding space and calm: an introductory Alexander Technique workshop

Onetime session


It’s not just living in a big city like London that makes us tense up. Wherever we are, most of us use far too much muscular effort in everyday movements.

The Alexander Technique is a way of becoming aware of just how much tension we’re using - and learning to use a bit less.

This releases space inside our bodies. It calms our breathing and nervous system down. We feel less tense and anxious. As our muscles release, posture and movement can change. Long-term pain can ease, especially in the back, neck and shoulders.

This Saturday afternoon workshop is a beginners’ introduction to the Alexander Technique and how it can improve healthy functioning and wellbeing, giving you space and calming you down.

There’ll be practical demonstrations and everyone will have hands-on work from teacher Sheila Christie. We’ll have plenty of time for discussion and questions.

You’ll also get a £20 discount voucher to use on an individual Alexander lesson with Sheila at a later date.

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What to wear: wear loose clothing, preferably trousers but otherwise come as you are.

Contact me if you have any questions, or you can't make the date but would like to come to a future workshop


Course type
Beginners/anyone interested in the Alexander Technique
07745 412911
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2pm to 5.15pm