Find the Spring in your Spine

Ongoing session

The theme for this class is our wonderful, springy spine.  Over the weeks we will take a tour through the spine from head to tail, exploring connections with head balance, breathing, movement and stillness.  The class will end with a relaxation lying down exercise.  Individual problems and interests will be addressed in the class.

A small class - maximum 4 participants - led by a teacher with over 25 years' experience.

Course type
General interest
Flexible 5-6 week course. £60 for 5 sessions paid at first class or by BACS/Paypal in advance. 1 extra class £12 on the day..
07879 865940
Start date
End date
Wednesdays 17.45-19.00 hours.

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I'm a 40 year old man who works as a support worker. I was suffering from sciatic pain for a few years. I had tried many methods to alleviate the pain, including various exercises, but these only brought short-term relief. One day when I was looking for some natural medicine to ease the pain, I came across the Alexander Technique. I initially booked a course, which relieved my sciatic pain, and I now have regular sessions. I recommend the Alexander Technique, especially to anyone who has suffered from sciatica or posture difficulties.

Pawel Kluzowski, Support Worker

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