Easter Holiday Workshop in the Alexander Technique

Onetime session

This is a good introductory course and also provides insights to those already engaged in the Alexander Technique. learning is integrated by a rich mixture of the following:

Hands-on from teachers

increased awareness through Living Alexander Anatomy

guided releasing movement sessions

The approach is practical and experiential. the course aims to give you an enriching practice for your daily life

Course type
Specialist and residential
Beginners and those already engaged in AT
015395 31781
Start date
End date
11am on April 20th 2019

Michael Hardwicke has been running courses at the Fellside Centre for the public for over thirty years and is the director of the teaching training program. he continues to be excited and rewarded by the discoveries of F.M. Alexander and how they can be made accessible for people.

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I would not say I am a fan of the technique – I am a disciple. For many years I suffered with chronic neck pain following a horse riding accident. When my HR manager recommended the Alexander Technique I was intrigued. Her father, a stroke victim, had experienced an incredible recovery from practising the Technique – to the point where he no longer needed a walking stick. After the first lesson I felt a dramatic difference; my neck felt long and free like a giraffe.

Annette Shaw

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