Easter in the French Alps

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This will be a relaxed few days in a truly beautiful area with guided walks for half the day, and Alexander Technique coaching in the other half. All levels welcome, beginners or advancers. You should leave feeling fit and regenerated. There will be just 4 people including myself, each person having their own room with spectacular views in my spacious flat . Shared bathroom and separate WC. One day will be free, for you to take the bus down to Grenoble for shopping, museums etc if desired.

I have over 30 years' experience of teaching the AT and a lifetime's experience of France.

The price includes transport from Grenoble up to La Mure and back, 6 nights bed and breakfast, 4 buffet suppers with wine, travel to the start of walks. It does not include air fares to Lyon and the onward non-stop coach (40 euros return) to Grenoble.

The village (a small town, really) is super friendly - the best of rural France - and restaurants offer delicious 3-course lunches for around 15 euros. There are banks, a cinema and a swimming pool.

We will not be climbing mountains, but an ability to ascend about 500 feet gently will ensure you get the most out of the trip.

Feel free to ask anything you like, via my website at: www.alexandertechniquesurrey.co.uk


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I had suffered from lower back pain for around six years and regular chiropractic wasn't really helping me. It was only by chance that I saw an Alexander Technique course advertised and it turned out to be such a fantastic investment in myself. After my first lesson I had my first pain free week in six years!! Now that the course has finished, I have remained pain free.

David Kennedy - Train Guard
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