Dynamic Poise

Onetime session


A workshop in conscious guidance and control with the Alexander Technique, presented by Jeando Masoero.
Course venue: Rowan Tree Hostel, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland.

Explore how directing the mind rationally can replace old somatic habits of guidance. 

This workshop is about working on oneself  with conscious guidance and control and teaching others to work on themselves, to establish the basis of a cyclical process of conscious guidance and control in the gestural sphere, so that each participant can continue to explore on her/his own after the workshop either with her/himself or with others. 

The growth of conscious guidance requires three different skills which we will study:

  1. to understand the means-whereby principle⁠ 
  2. to create a new conception of the “use of the self as a whole”, i.e. a model of coordinated movements of the parts of the mechanism that we intend to consciously guide without reference to our feeling sense, and, 
  3. to challenge what our habitual sense of feeling imposes as the “only right way to do things, according to our subjective habit”. 
Course type
Open to all
Full workshop: Euro 170*. (Daily and half-daily rates also available)
Start date
End date
From 14.00 on Friday 18/10/19 to 13.00 on Sunday 20/10/19


Detailed information about the content of the workshop:

*Fee is for workshop only: participants must look after their own accommodation. Rooms available at the course venue: please email dynamicpoiseworkshop@gmail.com for information.