Discovering Natural Movement

Onetime session

Introductory Workshop, open to all

Three hour introductory workshop

When our nervous system is well ordered, it creates and allows natural rhythms of movement and stillness, effort and rest, balance and repose, creation and assimilation, health and healing, Yang and Yin. If our nervous system becomes disordered, we lose our rhythm; we lose our flow: movement becomes stiff, and stillness becomes fidgety; health becomes tenuous, and healing slow. The Alexander Technique offers a way to learn to optimise the natural orderliness of our nervous systems, so that we can experience our natural movement, our natural strength, and our natural calm. We work, in the long term, towards a refined state of adaptable skill, equilibrium and equanimity.
This workshop will introduce will introduce you to the essentials of the Alexander Technique: 
•    understanding the deep architecture of movement and breath,
•    developing the skills involved in reinforcing helpful neuromuscular pathways, whilst quietening others that serve us less well,
•    learning to find more energy simply through the release of the tension which holds us back.
You will get to experience new ways of coordinating yourself, both through “take home” ideas and activities, and also through Tim’s hands on work. The group will be kept small in order to allow plenty of individual input.

Course type
Open to all
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11:30 to 2:30