Alexander Technique Summer Holiday Course

Onetime session

This is a good introductory course and also provides insights to those already engaged in the Alexander Technique Learning is integrated by a rich mixture of the following  Hands-on from teachers,  increased awareness through living Alexander Anatomy and Guided releasing movement sessions The approach is practical and experiential visit for information

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Specialist and residential
Any one wanting more insights into AT and those beginning this path
015395 31781
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Starts 11am on August 24th 2019

Michael Hardwicke has been running courses at the Fellside Centre  for over thirty years and is the director of the Alexander Training Programme. he continues to be excited and rewarded by the discoveries of F.M Alexander and how they can be made accessible for people.


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The advice and coaching from my Alexander teacher during training for a London to Paris bike ride transformed my experience immeasurably and I am pleased to say that I was really able to enjoy the event without suffering as many of my co-participants did. I would urge anyone who is considering any physical challenge and is interested in, or, practising AT to seek some specific AT tips and advice.

Sally Buckle

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