Alexander Technique for Pregnancy

Onetime session

This is an ante-natal course to learn self-help skills for you to cope with the weight of the growing baby, avoid backache and breathlessness, facilitate natural labour, develop trust in your ability to give birth and get back into shape quicker after the birth of your baby. The  Alexander Technique is ‘tailor-made’ for pregnancy and childbirth. You will discover how pregnancy is an ideal time to learn the Alexander Technique when you have an increase in hormone which relaxes ligaments, tendons and muscles to allow the body to change and adapt to help lessen postural misuse. We will explore how we react, move, breathe, feel and think - in fact how we “use” ourself and how this affects our natural functions.

Together we will learn through practical procedures how the Alexander principles of 'good use' can be applied to the fundamental changes and adaptations that a mother must make during pregnancy, childbirth and into the first years with her baby.
Your partner will be invited to join in to the last class.

We will also look at how mothers and fathers can encourage development of ‘good use’ in the baby.

Tutor: Brita Forsstrom

Course type
Pregnant women and their partners
Full fee %59, Concessions £38
07739 796514
Start date
End date
Two Tuesdays 13.00-16.00

To enrol: Call City Lit on 020 7831 7831 or visit:…

This course is for all pregnant women.You don’t need an interview to to enrol. There are no strenuous exercises involved but if you are at concerned please contact the tutor or talk to your midwife or GP before enrolling. You can also ring the tutor Brita Forsstrom for detailed advice on 07739796514.