Alexander Technique: performance breath and voice

Onetime session


This course introduces Alexander Technique as a tool for the performer in you to develop stage presence by discovering how to become aware of and move beyond your personal ingrained habits of reacting and thinking, moving and breathing to free yourself for creative expression. It is a practical hands-on course with focus on breathing and voice.

You will become aware of, and unlearn, habits of misuse that show up as tension, restricting freedom of movement, breathing, voice and coordination. The Alexander Technique encourages the release of habitual tension to allow greater freedom in movement, breath and speech.

Topics include:
• eliminating and avoiding habits of voice and facial and body gesture that interfere with breathing and the performance
• how do we breathe? Developing natural breathing
• voice; vocalising, projection, range, embodiment
• centering and grounding 
• spatial awareness, 
• balance and co-ordination 
• controlling performance anxiety 
• developing powers of observation 
• focusing
• freedom and control of movement
• movement and staying true to the character

Procedures will include basic Alexander Technique work; lying down work, sitting and standing, walking, and breathing. We will apply the Alexander principles to exploring freedom in breath and voice as part of the whole person through a range of release and creative/expressive vocal and breathing exercises. Some anatomy and physiology will be introduced where applicable. 

The course includes one-to-one, hands-on work in performance situations, addressing the breathing and vocal needs of the actor, singer, musician and all performers, of any level. 

Course type
Anyone interested in Alexander Technique for improving performance, breathing and voice.
Full fee: £129, Senior fee: £103; Concessions: £79
Start date
End date
6 Mondays from 15.30-17:45

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Enrolments line: 020 7831 7831

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