Alexander Technique Introduction

An afternoon introduction to the Alexander Technique
Onetime session

Of necessity there will be some theory involved but the emphasis for this introductory session will be very much on the practical.

The course will be aimed primarily at beginners but those wishing to come for a bit of a refresher will be very welcome.

Bookings must be made through The Swarthmore Centre (0113 2432210) but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Course type
Full £9.00 / Concessions £3.00 and free
07939 521 934
Start date
End date
From 1.00pm until 4.00pm

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It is a challenge to try to summarize the experience [of the Alexander Technique], as I find it (and it finds me) being the constant change, not there to be grasped. The most measureable is the sharpening of all the senses. My violinist ears react to the most subtle nuances in the sound and the experience is that of all the senses 'working' on the sound (and the means that are producing it), when I play. This has made possible the greater awareness in the moment present.

Agnieszka Opiola, Independent Violinist, Glasgow

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