Alexander Technique Intro Workshop

Onetime session

Discover how the Alexander Technique can help you throughout your life

For Beginners. This workshop is a prerequisite for joining the Six Week Course starting 10th September and can also be taken on its own. 


Clissold Park Tennis Pavilion, 3 Queen Elizabeth’s Walk, Stoke Newington, N16 0BF

Find out how learning the Alexander Technique can help you be more comfortable in your body, manage stress and enhance the quality of your life. Let go of old unhelpful habits and explore new ways of being, so you move more freely & easily during all your activities. 

  • Discussion and Demonstrations ~ Learn about the basic concepts of the AT.
  • Hands-on work ~ So you can gain a sense of how AT teachers guide your movements and help you to let go of habits that don't serve you
  • Gentle Experiential Games ~ Designed to help you develop an awareness of your habits of body-use and offering you ways to change them
  • Constructive Rest Procedure ~ Learn how to practice this procedure to reduce tension, calm yourself and look after your back

Special Offer: Discounted Private Lesson ~ £30 

This 1:1 lesson lets you experience what AT lessons are really like when you have the teacher's undivided attention and it allows Hilary to gain more understanding of your specific needs. In order to get the most out of this class, it is best taken with 2 weeks of the workshop. Bring your diary....


"I’ve suffered from occasional and at times quite severe lower back pain for over twenty years and after trying several pain management strategies involving years of yoga and Pilates classes, as well as regular osteopathy, decided to have a go at the Alexander Technique. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Hilary and her invaluable insights and advice have led to my longest pain-free period ever (it’s now been six months and counting). Unexpected benefits include a much calmer approach to work and family challenges and a general sense of physical ease and relaxation. I would wholeheartedly recommend trying AT with Hilary whose intelligence and talent for physical analysis makes for a very rich experience".          John ~ Teacher and Writer

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020 7254 9206
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10.15 am ~ 11.45 am

This workshop is a prerequisite for beginners who wish to join the Six Week Course starting 10th September.