Alexander Technique holiday in France

Onetime session

A 6-day holiday in the Alps

The holiday will consist of 4 half-days of tuition in a small group (4 - 6) with plenty of individual attention - including a buffet lunch on 3 days. Each participant will also receive a private one-to-one session. You should feel fit and relaxed at the end of the week. The workshop would suit complete beginners or those with a little experience.

The venue will be a light and spacious apartment in the friendly village of La Mure, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountain peaks. 3 rooms are available at the flat, and 3  in a small nearby hotel. In the evenings supper will be taken either in local restaurants (payable on the spot), brought to the flat as takeaway or can be made in our own spacious kitchen. The flat is on the 3rd floor without a lift.

For exploring the area we will have one full day and 4 half days free. Walks and outings to local towns of character will be offered; a basic level of fitness - ability to walk 4 miles including some uphill - will ensure you get the most out of the trip. The village has a swimming pool, cinema and several bric-a-brac addresses. And a visit to the spectacular Monday street market will be possible. Anna, the tutor, speaks fluent French so you won't have to worry about language.

£565 + the air fare from The basic cost of the holiday will be London (Luton or Gatwick) to Lyon and onward coach to Grenoble - app 40€ return. This includes 6 nights accommodation, tuition for 4 days, a private session, 3 buffet lunches, transport

from Grenoble up to our village on 24 May and back on 30 May. Not included are evening meals, 2 lunches, outings and incidental expenses.


“Anna has given me the tools to alleviate the problems.”“

“It has made a vast difference to my body thought processes.”

“Everything was relevant”

“Charming, relaxing small Alpine town.”


For more info or to book, contact Anna Cooper at or phone 01306 882336.


Course type
Specialist and residential
Beginners and those with a little experience
£595 plus travel to Grenoble
01306 882 336
Start date
End date
4 half days, chosen according to weather

Venue address, website and telephone numbers

The Alexander Technique helped me release tension which I was previously unaware that I had, in particular when standing at the tee. In the past my mind would have been elsewhere and my thoughts made me more tense. Applying the Technique I discovered relaxing the jaw, feeling my socks in my shoes, sensing the ground beneath my feet and just being there really helped. My drive distance improved and I cut 5 shots in one game.

Annie Dillnutt, golfer
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