Alexander Technique Course in Crete

Onetime session

The course is for you whether you are new to Alexander Technique and Tai Chi, as a complement to your current lessons, or if you would love to deepen or just refresh your learning. AT and Tai Chi are very compatible and we will look at how to apply Alexander principles to Tai Chi practice and how learning Tai Chi can support the learning of AT. Alexander teachers who would like to attend for their own pleasure or CPD requirements are also welcome. Come and learn in depth in a relaxed, easy going atmosphere.

The course will run for six days with five teaching days and one free day in the middle of the week for sightseeing or to just laze around. The full package includes 30 minutes of Tai Chi each course morning before breakfast, then 2 hours of group Alexander Technique work, a half hour talk before dinner; plus five half hour individual AT lessons. There will be the three AT teachers, Brita Forsstrom, Kamal Thapen and Antonella Cavallone, and you will have a chance to work with each one.

As the course will be in the mornings there will be plenty of free time to spend with the other participants to share your experience of learning AT, reflect on it and to swim, walk, rest and enjoy the local food. You may also want bring to partners or family members to join in some of the learning sessions or just come and enjoy a holiday.

Crete is a large island with a rich history, perhaps most known for Knossos and Phaistos and Heraklion Archeological Museum, which are all about an hour from Bali. If there is interest we will organise a minibus to Knossos and Heraklion on the free day in the middle of the week.

The price for the full package is £400. It is also possible to book for part of the week or simply to enjoy a holiday and only book some lessons. The fee for part of the course will be charged at £85 per day and lessons at £35 per lesson. Fees do not include flights, accommodation or meals.

Early booking on the course by contacting any of the three teachers is highly recommended so as to get reasonable flights and good places to stay.

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Specialist and residential
Open to all interested to alleviate pain, improve posture or performance
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