Alexander Technique Course

Ongoing session

The Alexander technique can change your life!

This follow on course will help you build on the skills learnt so far to use less effort and tension in the activities you enjoy, and move more easily. There will be some individual work with the teacher and time spent practising 'semi supine' / active rest. 4 participants only.

Course type
anyone with some experience of the Alexander Technique who would like to explore its benefits in more depth
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01981 510 128
Start date
End date
4 Thursdays in November: 2nd, 16th, 23rd and 30th from 18.30-19.45

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I am relieved to be out of pain and to have found a technique that works for me. I hadn’t appreciated when I first started lessons how much of a positive impact the Alexander Technique would have in other areas of my life. Considering I only started Alexander Technique lessons for back pain, this has been an unexpected bonus!

Kathy Glenn

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