Alexander Technique in Corfu, Greece

Onetime session

Alexander Technique Introduction with Kamal Thapen. Two 3 day courses at Casa Lucia in Corfu, starting Fri 28th Aug and Tues 1st Sept 2020. Venue: Casa Lucia, Sgombou, Corfu, Greece 49083. This course is a general introduction to the Alexander Technique, defining and explaining the basic principles which underlie the technique:  how people use themselves as a whole - mind and body - in everything they do, helping them move and breathe with less effort, improve posture, be more focused, cope with stress better and be calmer and more confident. The Alexander Technique involves no specific exercises, requires no special equipment and can be practised wherever you are. It is suitable for people of all age and levels of physical fitness.Some anatomy and physiology will be introduced where applicable. Topics include spatial awareness, balance, co-ordination, developing powers of observation and focusing.

Individual Alexander Technique sessions will also be available.

Kamal, born in Kenya, comes from a background in engineering and business and has been teaching the Technique since qualifying in 2000. Suffering from a persistent non-specific low back pain for many years, Kamal found the Alexander Technique the only way to obtain long-term relief. The personal benefit and growing interest in the technique led him to train to teach others at The Constructive Teaching Centre with Walter and Dilys Carrington.

He has experience of teaching on training courses and experience working with groups at the City Lit and South Thames College. He has been a Council member and Chair of STAT and served on STAT committees. Kamal is also a qualified Tai Chi teacher. 

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Specialist and residential
Open to all interested to alleviate pain, improve posture or performance
85 euros
020 7223 1868
07775 934 448
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Two 3 day courses at Casa Lucia, Corfu, Greece