Alexander Technique: Applied to perfomance

Onetime session

This course introduces Alexander Technique as a tool for the performer in you. Develop stage presence by discovering how to become aware of and move beyond your personal ingrained habits of reacting and thinking, moving and breathing, and how to free yourself for creative expression. The course is suitable for all performers who are new to the AT as well as those with previous experience. Instead of trying to teach us to be 'right', the Alexander Technique teaches us to stop doing and thinking the 'wrong' and allow the new, unknown 'right' to emerge. There will be lots of hands-on AT with focus on the performance situation in a 'master-class' format.  Bring your audition pieces short monologues, poems, stand-up, improvisation, songs, instruments.... 

I will use video feedback and an app called Coach's Eye in your individual sessions. You will be able to keep the recording of your session.

Topics include:
• eliminating and avoiding habits of voice and facial and body gesture that interfere with breathing and the performance
• voice; vocalising, projection, range, embodiment
• centering and grounding 
• spatial awareness 
• balance and co-ordination 
• controlling performance anxiety 
• developing powers of observation 
• focusing
• freedom and control of movement
• movement and staying true to the character

Tutor: Brita Forsstrom

Course type
All performers and those interested in how the Alexander Technique can help in performance situations
Full fee: £129.00 Senior fee:£103.00 Concession:£79.00
020 7833 4854
07739 796 514
Start date
End date
6 Mondays 15.30-17.45