Alexander Technique and Yoga in the Arctic

Onetime session

We invite you to join us in the magical landscape of Norway’s Arctic Lofoten Islands, and allow yourself to be nourished by movement, stillness and reflection, with two skilful, attentive and complementary teachers, to support you in reconnecting with wild and peaceful you. Our retreat offers three whole days filled with group classes for Alexander Technique, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and evolutionary movement. There will also be scheduled time for one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons, as well as exploring the islands on your own, or taking a well earned rest! Anyone with some experience of either Yoga or Alexander Technique, and an interest in the two disciplines together is very welcome. No great level of expertise is expected, but teachers of either discipline who may be curious about the other are welcome.

The ongoing theme of Tim and Anna's work together is "Gazing into the Mist" - "Kiri wo Miru" in Japanese. The name reflects our understanding that we are seeking ways of "allowing" a good quality of movement rather than forcing our preconceptions of the movement onto our practice. In our work we find ourselves seeking something that is always somewhat hidden and unknown, as if shrouded in mist. Yoga and Alexander Technique give us ways of "gazing into the mist" — ways to build our abilities of focusing and allowing, of skilful uncertainty — that permit gradually clearer experiences of a freer way of being.

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Specialist and residential
People with some experience of either Yoga or Alexander Technique, and an interest in the other discipline are very welcome.
£250 to £350. There are also two subsidised places available.
01792 296278
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We meet initially in the evening of Thursday September 3rd, for the opening welcome and orientation. The retreat finishes after the last class, before dinner time, on Sunday September 6th.