Alexander Technique - 3 week Introductory Course

Ongoing session

The Alexander Technique has the potential to change your life!

Learn the skills to help you

  • Find a lightness and ease of movement
  • Relieve pain and tension
  • Improve your posture
  • Deal with stress and feel calmer and more balanced
  • Enhance your performance in acting, music or sport

A course of Alexander lessons has been found to significantly reduce the incidence of back and neck pain. The most recent trial funded by Arthritis Research UK, found that this benefit continued after the end of the research, as participants were able to use what they had learned to manage their neck pain more effectively. Improvements were also seen in their mental health. The Technique is also taught in many Drama and Music Colleges.

Course type
Those curious about the Alexander Technique, and wanting to explore its benefits.
£45 for 3 weeks
Start date
End date
Three consecutive Thursdays in October, 18.30-19.45

The course will be a small group of no more than 6 people, exploring the benefits of learning the Alexander Technique through movement, discussion and explanation. Please wear comfortable clothing.