Active Rest 7 Day Retreat/IAAW 2017

Ongoing session

This is a closed Facebook group (people can see the group name and who is a member but not what is posted unless they join the group). Anyone is welcome to join the group. I will be posting a short daily Alexander Technique & active rest video for the International Alexander Awareness week 2017, from Monday 9th to Sunday 15th. There will be opportunity to ask questions via the Facebook page and interact with members.

My intention is to offer the group members an opportunity to take time out to rest and invite ease in the body. Often people feel rested and rejuvenated afterwards.

No experience of the Alexander Technique needed but you will need to be a member of Facebook and ask to join the group. There will be 3 simple questions to answer on joining the group. This is the link to the group...

Course type
Anyone interested in feeling rejuvenated, rested, in body and mind
Start date
End date
Daily video posted on a closed facebook page

Venue address, website and telephone numbers

I received my first Alexander lesson about 13 years ago when I hurt my back. After that first lesson I felt 95% better. I felt WHOLE. And I continue to receive lessons twice a month.

Carol Meade, Wallingford CT USA

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